Creating a Classroom Culture

This training gives educators the opportunity to enhance their skills, creativity and innovation in building a conducive and empowering classroom environment for students and teachers.

Creating a Classroom Culture is for those who regularly work with groups, regardless of age, and who wish to advance their usual classroom experience to the next level.

The content of this training is drawn from experience and a wide range of methods and resources. These include personal and group reflection, interactive exercises, role play, discussion, drama, art, rhythm and movement. Emphasis is given to drawing on and sharing one’s own experience and working on real-life scenarios. We create experiential learning around themes such as understanding key elements in group dynamics and development, decision-making, guiding change and transition, conflict resolution, strengthening classroom community, promoting participation and self-confidence. One of our strengths is imparting advanced mindfulness techniques that powerfully enrich the classroom experience.

Participants will grow their own resourcefulness, gain a fresh outlook through self-reflection and facilitated exercises, taking home a wealth of tools to incorporate into their own classroom.

The training is usually organised in a number of sessions, customised according to your needs. Contact us.


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June 6, 2015