Building Connected, Collaborative Teams

Teambuilding provides participants with skills and knowledge that invigorates their personal contribution and ultimately the power and cohesiveness of the entire group.

Teamwork is the foundation of any successful collective, whether it is a partnership of two, a netball team, a music ensemble, a classroom, or a work department.

In this programme, the facilitators create a high level of engagement and interaction amongst participants using, amongst others, techniques of advanced mindfulness training, personal and group reflection, role play, discussion, drama, art, rhythm and movement. These will foster a strong sense of collaboration, commitment, candor, constructive dialogue and innovation amongst participants.

This programme is highly informative, educational and fun! It gives personal and group

empowerment and builds meaningful relationships. Increased team-productivity and effectiveness is guaranteed!

Our workshops range from a short one-hour program that can be included in an already-scheduled meeting or conference, to a dedicated, multiple-day event. Contact us.


Posted on

June 6, 2015