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Empowering Children, Youth, Teachers and Communities

YOUPSA’s core programmes:


Creative Youth Empowerment
Here we nurture empathy, sense of community, kindness, enthusiasm for learning, skills of critical thinking and active discussion. Play, creative art, experiential learning and meditation unlock the participants’ talents and potential.


Leadership & Team-Building for Students, Teachers & School Boards
Participants develop a vision for uplifting their school and improving the quality of education. They build skills of team work, conflict resolution and constructive discussion. YOUPSA is also an implementing partner of ‘The President’s Award for Youth Empowerment.’


Creative Teacher Empowerment
This programme empowers educators with both personal and teaching skills. This enhances their scope and increases their confidence, enthusiasm and passion for teaching. The programme deepens their impact on youth.


‘Words Can Change Worlds’ Literacy programme
In the communities where YOUPSA works, there are no libraries or books for reading either at school or in the family homes. YOUPSA has established village reading clubs for all ages, providing a platform for young people to experience reading, learning, listening and discussing, outside of school. In these clubs, a child is the librarian. YOUPSA staff mentor youth and teachers about book care and literature.


Creating Health with Community Gardens
This programme empowers youth to build vegetable and herb gardens for wholesome nutrition and healing. Community gardens provide access to fresh, traditional produce and nutritionally rich foods.