After-School programme

Enrichment programme for children

YOUPSA’s weekly After-School Enrichment programme

This weekly programme takes place on farms and in villages. The childrens’ parents are working till late, which means that there is no supervision upon returning from school. There are no sports, recreational facilities, activities or play areas. In the afternoons children are vulnerable to crime and other negative influences. YOUPSA’s after-school programme is the only structured and educational activity that is offered to the children far and wide. At least during this time, parents and farm owners have peace of mind, knowing that their children are in a safe and enriching environment.

When we start this programme in a new area, we invite 20+ children from Grade 3 – Grade 7 to take part. After one month we select a group of 14 children, who show enthusiasm for learning, a kind heart and interest in being part of a team. The programme contains a variety of personal development activities, arts, drama, team & leadership building, interactive Maths learning, literacy skills, and activities for body and mind. A healthy snack is served to every child each time.

When funding becomes available, the programme expands to include 2 other elements:
1) educational outings to different locations, for e.g. a horse farm / riding school to learn about care for and handling animals; a car manufacturing plant tour; a guided game reserve drive; a theatre show in the city; a dairy farm tour, etc.
2) inviting professionals from various sectors of art, music, business, science, safety, tourism, environment etc.