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Please help disadvantaged children with exceptional talents to fulfill their potential

Youth Potential South Africa identifies at an early age academically talented children living in some of the most impoverished rural areas of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Our vision is to see disadvantaged children receive quality education, and become confident, successful young adults who have the tools and passion to play a positive role in the future of South Africa and the world.
We look for children who (a) show academic promise (b) demonstrate initiative, seek out opportunity and accept responsibility and (c) give back gracefully.

Philasande dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon

Phila has been accepted to a top independent school for Grade 9 in 2020 – the Global Leadership Academy (GLA) in Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape. Phila is the oldest of 3 girls and lives with her mom and grandmother in a very poor home in Hankey. Her mother is a seasonal citrus farm worker, and earlier this year she sadly lost the use of one eye completely through illness. The family is only just managing to keep afloat and could never dream of a good school for their eldest child.

Phila is very special, kind, respectful, responsible, considerate, is passionate about studying and learning, top of her class. She has a strong desire to receive good education that would enable her to fulfill her wish of one day becoming a neurosurgeon and help her community with their unending health problems.

The cost for her to attend the Global Leadership Academy is R36 000 / $2,500 annually. This includes school fees, transportation, uniform, shoes, stationery etc. She would be very happy to provide regular updates about her progress and build a relationship with potential sponsors.

Please can you help this exceptional young girl receive the high quality education that she deserves and fulfill her enormous potential?

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