Why we are here

Youth Potential South Africa – YOUPSA paves the way to awaken the creativity, potential and purpose of South African youth. Our passion for learning with fun, art and reading, sparks transformative education in the rural communities.

South Africa is experiencing an education crisis, and the Eastern Cape Province has the most dire situation of all provinces. 78% of Grade 4 children cannot read for meaning in any language. Poor academic opportunity is aggravated by extreme adversities like poverty, malnutrition, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, HIV/AIDS, drugs, crime and violence. Adversity affects the young people’s ability to engage with the world, make healthy life choices and be successful.

At YOUPSA we feel that the Primary School years in a child’s life are key years for personal development. It is in this stage that children need to acquire the social, cognitive, emotional, creative, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and listening skills, abilities required to navigate successfully through 21st century life.

Yet in South Africa children at this age receive the least support and attention. By the time students reach high school it is mostly too late to intervene. Even youth that do complete their school education may not be adequately equipped for a healthy life and future employment.

YOUPSA’s programmes give children and youth the environment that helps them to be curious, learn to think critically, independently, creatively and thoughtfully. A mind that is enriched by creativity, confidence and vision is one that can achieve anything!

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” – Nelson Mandela