Healthy Living

Healthy Living

A keen awareness of healthy living, nutrition and hygiene is a prerequisite for protecting our body and mind and living a healthy life free from problems and pain.

Our Healthy Living programme is beneficial for everyone. It is aimed at youth, educators and health-workers alike, offering a wide and empowering perspective.

This programme revolves around vital topics such as: body-awareness, understanding causes of disease and health, healing, food education, developing a home-garden, nutrition, communication, healthy attitudes/ healthy mind. These and other topics are communicated through experiential learning, art and creativity, to find solutions rather than handing out ready-made answers. Participants analyse their own reality and develop their wisdom on how to constructively engage with these important aspects in their lives.

With this programme participants are inspired with a new creative outlook to find healthy solutions and confidence to take personal responsibility for their own and their community’s well-being and future.

This programme is organised in short or longer formats, customised according to your needs. Contact us.


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June 6, 2015