Igniting the Inner Spark

Every young person has within them a limitless resource of potential that is waiting to be unfolded. This course offers essential creative activities and techniques that help young people identify their very own inner spark of interest, creativity and passion and develop this into a confident and fulfilled life.

This programme is extremely popular amongst all youth, giving them the necessary fuel that allows them to thrive on their life’s journey.

Igniting the Inner Spark creates a group environment where young people are comfortable with and supportive towards each other, breaking down barriers, stepping into an accepting and interactive community that gives them a powerful incentive to identify and nurture their inner potential. The group engages in theatre, games, art, reflection, and mindfulness activities based around a variety of themes such as healthy living, leadership and care for the environment.

Participants will walk away with essential skills of teamwork, communication, and creative problem solving that ensure any young person’s successful development.

This programme is organised in short or longer formats, customised according to your needs. Contact us.


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June 6, 2015