Our objectives

we accomplish the following:

Phozi teachersYouth Potential South Africa – YOUPSA is an education project for the socially disadvantaged and marginalised youth in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Our main objectives are:

  • to support socially disadvantaged children to realise their own inner potential and bring it to life, thereby powerfully enhancing their natural skills and talents for their personal development and become mature and positively contributing members of their societies.
  • to promote harmony, care, social peace and empowerment in underprivileged families and their communities.
  • to build a generation of young people and leaders who are well educated, socially and ethically aware, committed to human rights and global environmental sustainability and who will develop personal responsibility in these areas.
  • to develop the capacities of learners, parents, teachers and community members to drive improvement in their education, educational institutions and communities.
  • where resources allow, to support individuals in accessing training and study opportunities, work opportunities and social services, with the principal aim being that such members invest their time and skills in building and advancing values and objectives that will bring about a fair, free, peaceful and healthy society. 

Our YOUPSA programmes are designed to support youth and their communities bring about the life they wish to live. Through using modern education techniques of mind training, thought and creativity development, we enhance and empower both the creative and logical minds of young people.