YOUPSA helps pave the way to awaken the creativity, potential and purpose in South African youth. It is an non-profit education project for disadvantaged rural youth in the Eastern Cape Province. We bring education alive by igniting the inner spark in youth. When children discover their “spark”, they tap into their own unique talents and interests. Youth who have the ability to express their own personality and know what motivates them to do their best, develop into people who have a sense of purpose, empathy and social competence, who achieve higher academic performance and contribute to the well-being of their greater community.

YOUPSA works within the existing school structures. We support 4 disadvantaged schools in the rural Gamtoos Valley area, one hour northwest of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, impacting over 900 students and their communities, 4 school principals, 37 teachers and 25 members of 4 School Governing Bodies. Children in this rural area experience extremely broken circumstances and are surrounded by numerous stressors that make it difficult for them to learn and thrive. These adversities affect their ability to engage with the world, make healthy life choices and be successful. YOUPSA helps them navigate these challenges to their education and flourish.

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Youth and Community

YOUPSA supports youth, educators and families to find a sense of purpose and optimism for their future. Vibrant and positively inclined youth bring about harmonious families and healthy communities that definitely set a strong basis for peace, inspiration and prosperity.

Schools initiatives

Partnering with the poor rural schools we deliver a wide range of programmes that include Creative Youth and Teacher Empowerment workshops, unfolding creativity, leadership and communication skills, advanced learning techniques; mindfulness training, stress reduction and much more.


Our programmes are designed to instil enthusiasm for education, confidence, sense of purpose, optimism and encouragement, to become positively engaged members of community.
We also support development of vegetable gardens for self-sufficiency and healthy living.